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Solar System Simulator

Last week I had an idea for a game where you could: Launch a rocket from Earth and attempt to land it on another planet. Launch an asteroid from deep space and see if you could get it to orbit like a comet. Launch an asteroid from deep space and have it collide with a […]

Tidbit Tuesday – Easy Multi-Threading

Multi-Threading is the ability for an application to perform multiple tasks at the same time. By default an application has only one thread, the Primary Thread; then Auxiliary or Worker Threads are created to run code in Parallel with the primary thread. A common use for Multithreading is to have the UI (User Interface) run on the primary thread and have […]

Early Version of Generations

Last year I spent much of my free time working with SharpDX, DirectX, C# & .Net to create an early version of my game Generations. The feedback I received from people on the game was that it seemed like something that would be fun to play on mobile, but not really something they wanted to […]

Tidbit Tuesday – Getting started with JavaScript

Today we are going to be taking a tiny look at JavaScript, especially how it differs from other C-based languages (C++, C#, PHP).  *** Unity uses it’s own version of JavaScript and the data below is not 100% relevant. JavaScript is case-sensitive & uses the Unicode character set JavaScript is a Weakly Typed – Object based language There are 3 main variable […]