Early Version of Generations

Last year I spent much of my free time working with SharpDX, DirectX, C# & .Net to create an early version of my game Generations. The feedback I received from people on the game was that it seemed like something that would be fun to play on mobile, but not really something they wanted to play on their PC – that is when I started working with Unity. While Generations isn’t dead  this code is – so I am releasing it into the wild so you can download the source code.

To get started load up Generations.sln from the Generations folder, you will need to be running Visual Studio 2013 or later and probably have NuGet installed. Just ignore the messages about source control.

I hope to find the time needed to go back and fully notate the code – a lot of it is there by natural habit – but a good chunk of it is missing too.  If you have any questions about the code please let me know. Also, watch this site for a future version – done either in 3D for the desktop – or with JavaScript & WebGL for mobile and web application.

If you would just like to play the game you can download it Here.  Requires Windows 7 to run.


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