Solar System Simulator

Last week I had an idea for a game where you could:

  1. Launch a rocket from Earth and attempt to land it on another planet.
  2. Launch an asteroid from deep space and see if you could get it to orbit like a comet.
  3. Launch an asteroid from deep space and have it collide with a planet (not Earth of course)

I spent a few hours brushing up on my Newtonian Physics… and realized I am not good at physics anymore, then found some code online and used that instead.  So the physics are not 100% mine, although I did tinker with the numbers to get them to work correctly. Everything else is though.

At the moment we only have the inner planets rotating around the sun; everything uses real physics and the orbits are pretty spot on.  The Sun and the planets models are not to scale – simply because you wouldn’t be able to see them – however the simulation uses the correct sizes. The game itself has not yet been implemented and the only interactions are adjusting the time-scale (+/- keys) and moving the camera (Left-Click & Drag).

I hope to come back to this when I have more time and finish it up – for now the scripts that control everything can be downloaded here.

The simulation can be seen here; this is the first time I have tried releasing from Unity to WebGL – if you have any issues getting it to run please let me know.

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