Tony Nichols

Tony Nichols owns and operates Beyond Mindless Designs, originally from  California he move to Utah when he was 3 years old and considers himself a Utah native.  He started programming in BASIC when he was 10 years old has never stopped.

At Skyline High School he was Project Manager for an interactive multimedia presentation project “Skyline at a Glance” which helped him land his first programming job at the age of 17, but it was short-lived as he left to serve his country in the United States Navy soon after his 18th birthday.

Even in the Navy he found ways to program, he purchased his own laptop to take underway and started working on an Artificial Intelligence communication program in C++.  He was also approached by the ship’s captain to create a Cruise CD to commemorate the boats Western Pacific Deployment.  He accepted and completed the project using photos, music and graphics created by the crew.  He received a Captain’s Commendation for his work on the project.

After the Navy he jumped right back into programming while attending the University of Utah.  During the next 15 years he worked on multiple project including learning games and applications for companies like Mack Trucks & GlaxoSmithKline. He designed a custom CMS for Capital Business Services and multiple tools for Canon’s eDiscovery Support department.

He is an experienced C#, .Net developer with substantial experience working with SQL & Windows Forms. He also has experience with SharpDX, XNA & the Unity Game Engine.  In the past he has worked with ajax, PHP, SQL (MS SQL & MySQL). He is always learning new things and is quick to pick up new technologies.

He is currently available for both contract work and for permanent placement either working remotely from his home office or on site anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley. If you are interested in speaking with him about employment opportunities please contact him using the form below.