Solar System Simulator

Last week I had an idea for a game where you could: Launch a rocket from Earth and attempt to land it on another planet. Launch an asteroid from deep space and see if you could get it to orbit like a comet. Launch an asteroid from deep space and have it collide with a […]

Tidbit Tuesday – Easy Multi-Threading

Multi-Threading is the ability for an application to perform multiple tasks at the same time. By default an application has only one thread, the Primary Thread; then Auxiliary or Worker Threads are created to run code in Parallel with the primary thread. A common use for Multithreading is to have the UI (User Interface) run on the primary thread and have […]

Early Version of Generations

Last year I spent much of my free time working with SharpDX, DirectX, C# & .Net to create an early version of my game Generations. The feedback I received from people on the game was that it seemed like something that would be fun to play on mobile, but not really something they wanted to […]

Tidbit Tuesday – Getting started with JavaScript

Today we are going to be taking a tiny look at JavaScript, especially how it differs from other C-based languages (C++, C#, PHP).  *** Unity uses it’s own version of JavaScript and the data below is not 100% relevant. JavaScript is case-sensitive & uses the Unicode character set JavaScript is a Weakly Typed – Object based language There are 3 main variable […]

Tidbit Tuesday – Connecting to a MySQL Database

Today I wanted to talk about connecting to an MySQL database. While I would prefer to use pure JavaScript, it cannot access MySQL (or any other SQL database) without some kind of bridge. The pure JavaScript option would be to use the popular Node.js; however this requires that you install their APIs on your server and […]

Tidbit Tuesday (on a Friday) – Extensions

Extensions are very useful and simple to create, but are usually not covered in beginning programming courses. To create an extension method we simply…

Unity – Nest Prefabs and building scenes at runtime

There is an article here that talks about the Poor Man’s Nested Prefab.  It works OK if you scene is going to be built and saved in the editor, but it doesn’t work at all if you build you scene at run-time.  I have tweaked that code so it will work with run time code.